The purpose of this website is to share information about Ngondro. Because of personal time constraints, at this time, I am not able to receive comments and to respectfully respond to them.

Nonetheless, if a website visitor wishes to leave a comment relating to the content of the site, they may use this email address:  While a response cannot be guaranteed, any comments made will be appreciated.

The privacy of personal information, provided by anyone writing to the above email address, will be held in highest regard.

My one heart wish is that the information presented about Ngondro will be of benefit to all website visitors.

I fully respect all faith traditions. Coming to better understand spirituality in life has been my over-arching life’s pursuit. I have come to delight in the richness of expression that different faith traditions present.

For those who wish to learn more of my personal background, please visit Other websites and blogsites that I have created over the years are described at /

Again, may the content shared on this website be of personal benefit to all. That is my sole purpose for creating this site.

Alexander Peck (June 2020)

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